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Co-Founder and CEO, Lynn Bezanson began working with Pure Essential Oils over 15 years ago.

Her passion for using  Natural Remedies for her family & friends personal use, transformed into commercially manufacturing All Natural Products in 2000. Since that time over 150 products have been researched, developed, tested and manufactured now ships to satisfied clients all over the world and continues to develop All Natural Skin Care Products based on client feedback we receive from our network of Retail & Commercial Clients.

Since ancient times, Pure Essential Oils and Dead Sea Salts were considered the leader in Skin Care Innovation.

Bliss uses only "Certified Organic" Pure Essential Oils in our products that have been tested for purity and have Therapeutic Properties.

You not only feel amazing when you use Bliss but you also receive all of the healing benefits of the essential oils at the same time.

Bliss adopted Green Manufacturing Practices to not only offer high quality product lines but to also respect and nourish our environment.

Bliss uses only the Purest Raw Materials imported from across Canada and all over the world.

Each one of our products are carefully Hand Made to ensure the highest quality & consistancy found in today’s market.

Our Pure Essential Oils are imported from Master Distillers from as far away as Nepal, that ensure farming sustainability and fair trade. We only purchase our raw materials from suppliers that hold the highest of Quality Control Practices along with International Fair Worker Practices.

Your skin is your largest organ and chemicals found in most Skin Care Products today absorb into the body.

Bliss guarantees never to use any harmful chemicals, preservatives or synthetic additives of any kind in all of our product lines.

We invite you to take the 7 Day All Natural Challenge today! See how your skin feels after 7 days! You will be amazed. Guaranteed or your money back!

Our phylisophy simply is….”If you would not eat it, then why would you apply it to your skin?