Chase Gentry

Truthfully I am an avid long-distance hiker and a free-thinker who uses his own independent research to form an interesting masterpiece. In the past I personally hiked the entire length of the Appalachian Trail in one pass while hiking northbound. The long journey begins in the state of Georgia and ends in the gorgeous state of Maine. A long twenty-two hundred miles while hiking directly through fourteen different states. Every state had it's very own personality and the many good natured people that I was fortunate to meet along the way we're all a breed of there own. Deep out in the wilderness there are numerous waterfalls, mountain lakes, green valleys, pine forest, gushing rivers, floodplains, spruce forest, and mountain vistas along the way. The wildlife is highly abundant out in the backcountry and in certain rural areas the wildlife commonly will out number humans. One can hardly imagine what it would be like to be far away from the modern day conveniences and luxury items while living by the everyday rules of society. For a fellowship with the wilderness opens man's eyes and his mind to a whole new perspective. A closer look into my numerous writings will open one up to a whole new world.