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Mike and Dorothy McKenney

Thanks for stopping by to read about Dorothy and Mike McKenney, who were both born and raised in Arkansas.

Dorothy McKenney is a former long-time newspaper reporter and section editor, and still considers herself a reporter, but only of feature articles that she chooses personally. She is a trained researcher and uses many reliable sources as reference for her articles. Mrs. McKenney was also a police detective for a few years and wrote ”Smarty-Pants Trivia” available on

Mike taught digital electronics, computer repair and computer programming at Draughon's Business College in Little Rock, and is also a former police officer and a life-long photographer. He took many of the photos that accompany the HubPages articles written by Dorothy. He is proficient in a number of photography programs, not the least of which is PhotoShop. His expertise includes (but is not limited to) landscape, macro and infrared photography, and he spent several years as a digital artist.