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Ken Kline

Celebrate USA is about all things we love as Americans. From home remodeling ideas to super bowl rings to cool cars to some fantastic travel tips.

For practical knowledge, we have an extensive series called Trim Your Sail, designed to help you to become a better public speaker and communicator.

One of my favorite topics is an indepth examination of item that make an impact upon our culture. From cyber bullying signs to filtered water to new medical inroads from harnessing Mother Nature's ozone to new technology for fire prevention and innovative crutches and wheelchairs.

Come celebrate a world that is richer not in welath but in knowledge. A world enlightened by pooling different cultures and advancing beyond words that harass to words that do more than communicate, they care, they empower, they advance our culture to new levels of humanity, a humanity that is supportive, a humanity that more than peaceful, a humanity that is one with the world.