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Krzysztof Willman

As a proud Rutgers University graduate and long time avid writer for Yahoo! and Textbroker USA, I hope to provide an honest yet invigorating account on scores of topics.

Investigating technology and social media trends have been a passion of mine for the past 10-15 years. I'm highly invested in the YouTube community and strive to countlessly identify online activities that link to our daily lives.

I love exploring current or emerging technology trends that I discover to share with newcomers and newbies of anything tech related, but I also enjoy glancing at the natural world around us.

That being said I've been a weather and climate fanatic for nearly 20 years, and I am extremely overjoyed about exploring global trends as well as extreme weather.

On a personal note, I've struggled with yet overcame gambling addiction and hope to help others persevere and "beat the odds" (insert eye roll here).

My other addiction is writing, which is the most pretentious thing any writer could say, but hey we're all egomaniacs right.

Ultimately the goal is to inform my readers and add a few intriguing statements or facts they never knew before.

And yes that goes for any reader who may have accidently stumbled across or clicked one of my articles (sorry). Regardless of how you arrived at my "hubs", I appreciate any time you've spent glancing over them.

After all it's the readers who give writers purpose no matter what!

Thank you so much everyone.