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I have been a full-time classical musician and a teacher of classical music since 1988. I have earned a Master of Music degree, have sung for many years in small regional opera companies throughout Europe, have had short stories, essays, and poetry published, and have won several awards for writing in a number of different countries.

I am currently working on the research phase of a series of books focusing on classical composers of the Caribbean, Mexico, Central America, and South America.

I also have multiple chemical sensitivities following an incident at college in which I received an overexposure to chemicals, and so post on a variety of topics having to do with sustainable and nontoxic solutions to various problems, from pest control, to cleaning, to gardening, to making your own cosmetics and fabric or hair dyes. Living with chemical sensitivities is a considerable challenge, so I am happy to share my solutions to common, everyday problems with others who may be experiencing similar difficulties.

I am the daughter of two scientists (an industrial chemist and a geologist), and I love to cook, so I have started a food science blog for the practical cook, using proportions rather than strict recipes, and concentrating on an understanding of how ingredients and cooking techniques combine to form various end results in the average kitchen--no special equipment required other than your basic blender, food processor, mixer, oven, etc.--whatever most kitchens have lying around. The ultimate goal of my food science blog is to help everyone throw away their cookbooks and be able to create dishes from scratch, preferably without measuring cups or spoons, merely judging amounts by the reactions the ingredients have with each other. It's a fun journey experimenting with various techniques! Who knows, I might even apply for Masterchef one of these days.

I love the Middle Ages, and crafts, and history, so I often write about these topics, too—even combining them such as my hub on the crafts of the Middle Ages. I have experimented with a number of medieval techniques and have recreated a number of medieval household items in my own house, including tapestries, clothing, bed canopies, and even once-common kitchen items.

If you think you might enjoy writing here at HubPages, too (and even making some money at it), by all means sign up to become a member of HubPages (you have to be at least eighteen to sign up). You could not only be sharing your unique and specialized knowledge with the world, but turning that knowledge into cash!