An avid gardener and an avid cook, I am interested in brightness and boldness in all of my hobbies. As a gardener I delight in growing roses, orchids, hoyas, and other unique plants. As a cook I love experimenting with as many different flavors and techniques as possible. Additionally, as a pesco-vegetarian I am constantly faced with the challenge of how to develop great flavors with unique ingredients, without the use of meat. My culinary interests are very wide, so I like to experiment with flavors from all over the world, including American Southern, British, Cajun/Creole, Ethiopian, French (primarily Proven├žal), Indian (largely in the Uttar Pradeshi, Gujarati, Kashmiri, and Punjabi styles), Italian, Japanese (specifically of the Kansai region), Mexican, MIddle Eastern (especially Levantine and Egyptian), Thai, Tunisian, and Vietnamese. I hope you enjoy my tips for growing plants, as well as my mostly meat-free recipes.