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An avid gardener and an avid cook, I am interested in brightness and boldness in all of my hobbies. As a gardener I delight in growing roses, orchids, hoyas, and other unique plants. As a cook I love experimenting with as many different flavors and techniques as possible. Additionally, as a pesco-vegetarian I am constantly faced with the challenge of how to develop great flavors with unique ingredients, without the use of meat. My culinary interests are very wide, so I like to experiment with flavors from all over the world, including American Southern, British, Cajun/Creole, Ethiopian, French (primarily Provençal), Indian (largely in the Uttar Pradeshi, Gujarati, Kashmiri, and Punjabi styles), Italian, Japanese (specifically of the Kansai region), Mexican, MIddle Eastern (especially Levantine and Egyptian), Thai, Tunisian, and Vietnamese. I hope you enjoy my tips for growing plants, as well as my mostly meat-free recipes.