Marites Mabugat-Simbajon

Coffeegginmyrice is my favourite breakfast (sunny-side-up egg mixed into the rice and coffee poured over it). Muddy? Yes. Looks yucky? Not to me. Tasty? I love it and would go for seconds.

About Me

My first love aside from writing and flaming up the kitchen is the love for taking pictures. Pictures of nature and its contents because we mingle in a special way. They do fill my heart with breathless inspiration, sweet thoughts and calmness beneath my skin. I go where the breeze takes me with a camera as my bestfriend. Then, it is in a photograph where what I see does not stop there. It becomes an instrument for words...

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My Hubs are mere products of images and ideas forming the moment I close my eyes. Their births form and emerge subconsciously in my sleep; the ideas maturing too quickly to see the light of day. I get up the next morning and catch what memory has stored.

My hubs are not all about seriousness, but Serious is a good friend of mine. But seriously now, Serious prefers the company of another good friend named Humour. Humour is playful and makes Serious laugh and smile. You will find them both in my hubs. 

In my hubs, I want to express as variedly as I could in stories of the day, for the sake of poetry, topics that tickle, and something bizarre but interesting and share mostly images of my own.

You may also visit my poetry page on Facebook called Passionate Poetries of a Poetic Heart.  Enjoy and seriously, be happy! With much love...

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