I can talk about nearly anything for 30 seconds and sound smart. Beyond that, gaps begin showing. Makes me perfect for any job with brief but friendly customer interaction, but not much else. I've ebayed for years, as has my lovely wife (yes, that's her in the picture!). Done a little blogging, love to read, like to write. Seems like Hubpages will be a perfect match for me!

I do have other hobbies... I like to bicycle, but it goes in phases. Right now, I'm in an 'off' phase. At my best, I was riding 13 miles a day, no matter what. I was single then. Play the piano, with more enthusiasm than skill. Play AND work on the computer. I've been playing Runescape for about 6 years now, and so has my wife. (She's a mod, so I have to behave!)

These days, I'm married (isn't she adorable?) and work at a newspaper taking ads. After work, we spend a good amount of time on ebay every day.

Why Crewman6? The brief answer... because it embodies the hope that anybody can succeed. For the full story read my hub The Galaxy Quest Connection.

My first hubpage was written because it involved a major stumbling block for me, and I wanted to share the experience. I eventually want to make money with hubs, but I also enjoy the writing. You'll see a very eclectic collection of subjects. I hope you'll find some you enjoy!

Just a short update- I've been on Hubpages for a year now, and while I'm not making a living on it, I've had some very nice checks. Things have been going well, and I'm glad to be a part of Hubpages!