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C.R. Stone

I've been providing quality landscapes to my customers in the Eastern Townships for over a decade now. Starting with basic applications, retaining stone walls, patios, the norm. Now I specialize in the creation of specialized landscapes and stonework as an entire outdoor haven.

Creating unique stone application is my passion and working with my customers to find out what their visions are and offering my unique creations for them to enjoy is what keeps me going. Many fly by night landscapers and stone masons have surfaced in the past few years, a few do have talent, many do not. However, the competition has risen and I considered changing my career, but I could not part with my soul felt passion handed to me through five generations of stone masons.

I am always looking for a chance to offer a customer a new and exciting stone creation on their property, and once in a while, the opportunity does arrise. The rest of the time, I complete standard application tasks, which I do still enjoy. A beautiful contract completed is beautiful, no matter what it entails.

Here at Hubpages I will share a couple of tips and tricks to help everyone who wants to read to complete their own stonework project, or to be able to keep an eye out for the way their landscapers are completing work for them.

I'll also share a few things I feel passionate about or find interesting. And I always appreciate feed back, so let me know what you think. Thanks.