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David Trujillo Uribe

I am an ex-Bubbler who returned to the old long article writing ways of Hubpages after throwing online parties, riddles and giving out prize outs as RamblingMan. Well, Rambling still lives but with a new home.

I guess the fun posts that I used to be write in Bubblews will now be replaced by Colombian facts and travelers tips, online writing experiences and the ocasinal random post of whatever I am into. I was never to good to focus on just one niche, I am a rambling man after all.

By the way, I am presenty working on an affiliate market project and find myself in constant searc of english writers with knowledge in American Football, Soccer, Online Bets, Online Casinos, Fashion and whatever gives you money online.

Very soon I will sumerge in the world of Forex as well, so any trading reader out there is more than welcome to join forces with me.