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Karl Loveland is a jack of many trades and interests with a passion for working with his hands.  He lives in Lawrence, KS with his wife, father-in-law, two children, two cats, a photogenic Australian Shepherd and an overly playful Siberian Husky.

His interests include: carpentry, masonry, tile mosaics, gardening, biking, puzzles, art, art history, crafts, literature, history, movies, steampunk, SciFi, gaming and cyberpunk.  Dingocyber is an old handle reflecting various aspects of his literary and hobby interests.

Karl is proudly married to Loni L Ice, and to have her dad, robertsloan2, as an in-law. 

He has a profile on Twitter ( ) were you can follow his work as hearth keeper and artist.

Karl owns his own business, Aesir Tile, which produces tile mosaic art pieces.  He takes commisions on a per case basis, plus some designs of his own.  Aesir Tile also does home tile construction.