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Welcome to my profile page. I will begin by saying I do not like to talk about myself so much. It’s more that I just think it is unnecessary than anything else. People that are around me can figure out what they want by dealing with me and observing my ways. But you cannot do that can you? So I will take a moment to give you the basics.

First and foremost I am a Christian. Yes, I believe there is an all powerful creator that crafted this earth just for the enjoyment of humans and that there is a way we can assure ourselves of eternal life, by following Christ. I am a husband and father, so I have strong beliefs on what is required of husbands and fathers.

I enjoy writing, obviously as well as gardening and technology. You will find many topics within my portfolio, but creative writing, gardening and technology themed hubs will be my most prolific areas. I created a gardening brand called The Gardeners Companion where I highlight my knowledge about growing vegetables and will add more about growing flowers as the spring begins.

I also enjoy writing fiction and have two serials I invite you to read. The first has 41 parts and is complete. The other is just beginning to get into the heart of the plot, and is called The Family Secrets. The first, Jenny’s Life follows a high school senior as she nears graduation from high school but finds her mother dealing with a mental illness, her brother falsely accused of a heinous crime and her whole life teetering on the precipice.

The Family Secrets will be a taut thriller about a yearly family gathering at the family lake house where life changing secrets combine to brew up a stormy story.