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I am an Irish woman, now living in the UK. I love it here. I live beside the sea and although it's cold up north, I am enjoying every minute of it. Writing is a relatively new interest of mine. I wrote my first of two hubs during a brief period of unemployment. I have since found a teaching job. Between the craziness of starting a new job and tentatively beginning to write a novel, I have neglected hubpages. I hope to change that.

My interests are varied. I am a medieval history nut, hence my profile picture! I hope to write some hubs in that area. Health is also a topic that I want to write more on, especially breast cancer and fertility issues. They are issues that are close to my heart. They say "write what you know" so I think spome hubs relating to my job will also be useful.

I'm looking forward to improving my writing and creating hubs that, hopefully, others will want to read