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Dedicated Content Curator

10 years on Hubpages and over 3 million views achieved already!.

My personal interests are varied, from cooking and writing through to photography. I write about things that catch my interest, so while I have a core of interests, I also enjoy writing one off pieces about something that's come to the fore in my life from time to time.

I provide a freelance, professional content curation service, assisting small businesses in understanding their content curation needs for social media exposure.

I also provide unique hand-written content for small websites and businesses. 100% unique articles written to spec by a native British national, bringing a "typically British" flavour to the style.

I write "for fun" on Hubpages, getting more enjoyment from writing here than any of my personal sites! That might make me mad in the eyes of some, but for me it makes me happy!

Most of my work is of a freelance nature, 99% of it on the Internet, the other 1% using the Internet (you have to love addiction!).

I am a qualified Prince2 Practitioner.

I spent a couple of years managing stock photography businesses.

I'm a published author of magazine articles on Internet marketing over the years.

I will write about anything that interests me, at the drop of a hat. I love the research, the information gathering, I love the compiling and sorting of data. The Internet, to me, is a wonderful world to live in!

I hope you enjoy reading my articles. I've certainly enjoyed writing them.

Thank you for reading!