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Emanuela Suraci-Neve

I am a local artisan working from Worthing, West Sussex.

I work primarily in wood, using reclaimed objects and restoring pieces to their former glory as well as making handmade furniture using reclaimed and pallet timber.

Becoming a woodworker just happened by chance.

I trained as a carpenter/joiner many years ago but then I did all sorts of jobs that didn't have anything to do with it.

I then started restoring and making things for the home and, little by little, I realised that I had a passion and an eye for it and just started slowly until it became my full-time occupation.

I have a strong interest in anything home-related, from architecture to basic decor and I relish working out solutions where space is a challenge.

Space is never enough. And since the majority of us do not live in a movie mansion, to be able to make use of the space we've got either in terms of furnishing or home inprovement is paramount. I am very passionate about exploiting space to its maximum potential.

I also believe that much can be achieved with the minimum financial outlay and am a strong supporter of everything recycled.

Home decor and/or home refurbishment can both benefit from reusing or repurposing what is available, not only in economic terms but also in terms of character and originality.