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Erica K Wisner

We write on a variety of topics, but you'll see some common themes: doing things for yourself, being creative, being green or 'sustainable', exploring and enjoying the world.

My background is informal education: museum, camps, classes, and workshops. (I've taught at,,,, and, among others.). My formal education was in physical sciences & fine arts. You may also have seen some of my writing or illustration under my maiden name, Erica Ritter.

My husband Ernie is a lifelong mariner, builder, and learner. He got a degree in botany along the way, and has focused his attention the past few years on ecology consulting, natural building, and appropriate technology. I sometimes edit his writing for publication here, so I've included him in my profile & photo. Just so you can see who you're talking to....

Thanks for reading,

Erica K Wisner (and Ernie)