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Fernando Quijada

Having a rather rampant mind since childhood, I have constantly been questioning the world around me which has resulted in my inexastiable intent to become a well-rounded individual. However, living in an age of technology where information is overflowingly abudnant and spurious, it can become a daunting task to undertake. Nevertheless, my passion encompasses constant personal and academic learning along with effectivly educating and informing others about topics that are, in my personal opinion, worthy of extensvie research that could potentially form part of a soultion in making this world a better place. As some experienced writers of this blogging community might readily point out, I could easily be described as an 'amatour' writer as I do not do this professionally nor for a livng. I do, however, try my best to vividly convey the subjects I choose to write about in an interesting and compelling manner with the hope of inculcating some sense of empowerment and inspiration for anyone that may stumble upon my work. I hope you apperciate any of my current and upcoming articles and here is to unbiased and educated journalism.