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Hello, my name is +geoff clarke and I've been happily married to my wife for 30 years. We have three adult children who are all busy chasing their dreams.

I started creating Hubs to allow me to share some of the experience that I've gathered over the years. I see it as an opportunity to give back, provide an outlet for my creative ambitions and to help me understand the power of the internet. 

With 30 wedding anniversaries under my belt, I have written several Hubs about anniversaries which can be found at Wedding Anniversary Ideas, and includes Wedding Anniversary Quotes so that you can add a personal greeting to your Free Anniversary eCards.

My wife and I have also had the privilege to visit several romantic travel destinations for our 'special' anniversaries. I have written a series of Hubs to share our experiences and provide other Anniversary Vacation Ideas.

I have also written some articles about birthdays and other special celebrations in our lives such as When is Fathers Day 2012? and Birthday Quotes For Family and Friends. 

More recently, I have started to write about some of my passions: bird-watching, wildlife and fishing

In addition to my HubPages, I created a website (Anniversary Tips) to offer advice and tips on how to find that perfect anniversary gift. The site includes tips on selecting Anniversary Gifts for Her and Anniversary Gifts for Him and One Year Anniversary Gifts 

If my Hubs have inspired you to start writing then join HubPages here today, it's easy and fun! Still not sure, then check out this article on the benefits of blogging at Hubpages (I Need a Hobby At Home). 

Thank you for visiting and please check back often as I plan to actively expand the content as time permits.