Georgina Crawford

After 30+ years (!) as a Nurse and writing part-time, I finally bit the bullet and became a full-time freelance writer in 2018.

I have my own Limited Company, writing as a Nurse Analyst and then write creatively too. I'm currently working on a memoire, a novel, short stories, writing competitions, and of course Hubpages.

Hubpages gives me the freedom to write over a wide range of topics, and I'll write about anything I'm interested in, from business to Babycham.

I promised myself that I'd publish my first children's paperback on Kindle and Audible in the first year, and just about made it. So Archie Parchie Piddley Poo is on those platforms as well as in stores. A second book about his antics in under way.

I've promised myself that this year I'll republish The Tales of Zebedy Do Dah, with new illustrations too.

Aside from books, I've also been in print in The Nursing Standard, Gardener's World, Garden Answers, to name a few....

Catch up with me on Facebook as Georgina Crawford, or on Instagram as Georgina Crawford, or Crawford Georgina (inventive huh?).....