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Glen Rix

Hello and welcome.

English born and bred, I live in Nottinghamshire and am retired. A diverse work history includes accountancy, management of a little theatre, the strategic development of public/private partnership programmes for urban regeneration.Degree in Business and Finance. PGCManagement But the past is another country. An enthusiastic Lifetime Learner, in 2015, aged 67, I was awarded an Open University B.A. Hons. in Literature.

My articles cover a number of topics that interest me - including British customs and traditions, English history, travel, poetry, and a few favourite recipes. I hope that you find something here that interests, entertains,or informs you.

The content of my articles is protected by copyright. In all instances of my material being stolen or reused without credit I file DCMA complaints requesting that the offending material is removed from the internet. You are welcome to quote from my articles but please adhere to the normal practice of including appropriate credit and a link to the article.

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