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John R Wilsdon

I love to barbecue! Besides that I enjoy prospecting, gardening, reading, hiking, and home improvement. I love the categories at HubPages because it is so easy to find stuff I want to read.

The writing bug started in high school. I wrote a story that English teachers voted to publish in my high school newspaper. Then, I became assistant editor of the very same paper.

In 1967, I received an appointment to the United States Naval Academy and a Daniel C. Jackling scholarship to the college of mines at the University of Arizona. From 1968 - 1973 I served in the United States Navy as a Hospital Corpsman. In 1975, I graduated from the University of Arizona with a BA in General Studies with a double major in English and mathematics. In 1992, I earned an MAed at the University of Phoenix.

When I was a 19 year old kid, I joined the Navy. I still have a soft spot for it in my heart. Ships are marvelous creations, and the sea is a wonderful place to be. My education in health care began there. I spent 1971-1972 on an aircraft carrier cruising up and down the Gulf of Tonkin, Vietnam.

From 1976 - 1996 I taught math at the middle school and high school levels. In addition, I won a grant to install a level 1 technology lab, and successfully developed and implemented same.

After 72 years on this planet, there isn't a whole lot I haven't seen. Since retiring, I find myself wanting more quiet time and moments to relax. I guess that is age? When I am looking for gold on my club's claims (placer flake gold) I am enjoying the outdoors in Arizona. That's the big treasure, being outdoors. The gold flake I might find is actually secondary. But it also gives me a chance to meet great people. My wife is an enthusiast, also.

I have a blog on Blogger about recreational gold prospecting. If you are interested, you might check this out. See note below.

Twelve years ago I took up article writing - an extension of my photography. I love to take my coolpix camera out and shoot photos of what I see. It is so convenient to just put in my pocket.

My most prized accomplishments are my two daughters. Both are doing well. I love to visit them and both have given me special gifts. Now I have two granddaughters and two grandsons!

Since my wife and I are budgeting like most of the rest of you, we have joined a program in the urban Phoenix, Arizona area called "Urban Anglers". We love to fish, but with gas at its current prices, long trips to lakes in northern Arizona just aren't in the cards. But, fortunately many of the pond and lake parks associated with metro area of Phoenix stock with mainly catfish and trout. We can travel 45 minutes to a lake and enjoy the outdoors and the lure of the lure! My wife is a much better fisherperson than I am.

Well, I guess this is enough about me for now. I will divulge more with my hubs. Best wishes to all of you. Hubpages is a great place to be!