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Cindy Murdoch

Cindy Murdoch is a Christian, freelance writer and native Texan. She's a former founder and business owner for 13 years of a company that provided non-medical in-home care to adults. Prior to that, she was a mechanical design engineer who worked for Texas Instruments, E-Systems and Abbott Laboratories. Somewhere in there, she and her husband of 40 years found time to adopt and raise three children.

Cindy was raised on a farm and continues to implement many of the skills she developed on the farm in her semi-urban life. She and her husband garden, raise Coturnix quail and currently have two honey bee hives. She preserves their bounty by dehydrating, freeze-drying, canning and freezing. They raise herbs for both culinary and medicinal use. As such, you can expect to find various articles about self-sufficiency, gardening and life in general.

Previously a certified Master Naturalist, Cindy has an intense fascination and love of animals, nature and the great outdoors. Her interest in the creation surrounding her spans the depths of the ocean to the furthest reaches of the universe.

As the founder and owner of an agency, On the Wings of Angels, providing non-medical in-home care for adults, she has a vast amount of knowledge to share concerning the elderly and aging, especially Alzheimer’s. In 2008, Ms. Murdoch trained under Dr. Lynn Serper learning the Serper Method and became a certified Cognitive Educator.

Cindy, who is artistic by nature, considers the beauty that she can create an essential part of herself, and enjoys sharing her knowledge in this area. She is an exceptional cook and an avid quilter and has created many beautiful quilts that she shares with family, friends and strangers.

As the year 2011 drew to a close, it was announced that she was to receive the crown as New Hubber of the Year for 2011. Cindy expresses much gratitude to her peers who voted her in as 2011’s New Hubber of the Year. She thanks HubPages, many dear friends, fans, followers and readers for supporting her with their loyalty and affection over the first first five months on HubPages, when she received the award, and on into the future to the present.

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