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I live in the small town of Brinston, Ontario Canada, about 40 minutes south of Ottawa, Canada's Capital city. We bought a small bungalow here with 6 acres and a barn. The barn was converted over in 2010 to a luxury cat hotel called "The PussyCat Hotel" which is on Facebook. Have a look and if you have cats, you'll probably like the concept. If you don't have cats, you may just want to rent a room out here yourself ---

I found Hub Pages through an online training program for business strategies and am hooked. I'm not a professional writer by any means but just like to write about some of the things going on in my life. I've been in business for over three decades after having been with the Government for eight years. I found working for the government to have no purpose.

Some of the business ventures I've been involved with include crafts, Disc Jockey, Psychic Parlour, Dog Resort, Cat Hotel and the list is still growing.

I studied Business in College and am putting my thoughts and skills to work. I'm not a genius as you can see above. I just like to do what I'm passionate about and some of the adventures have been a blast that have made me lots of dollars.

Follow me if you want. Some of these stories are real and to the heart as you will see. I'm no Einstein, Religious fanatic or politician -- I'm just me.