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Michael S

“Easy reading is damn hard writing”—so said Nathaniel Hawthorne. He’s right about it, too. A simple, coherent letter can be tough to master, let alone masterpieces we imagine for ourselves. Fortunately, our task here is less daunting but a task nonetheless: To present well-written, sought-after information to the masses—oh, and to hold their attention. That’s done with good writing, the kind that is—as Mr. Hawthorne has told us—hard.

My name is Michael and I welcome you to my HubWorld. I go by “ithabise” (e-tah-bee-seh). It is a Swahili word that means "celebrate," which is my perspective on life. I hope that the articles of mine you read, well, have been hard for me to write because then I can be sure that you’ve had a good reading experience!

You will find various topics here with a number of them on sustainability and communication issues. Even if these aren’t what you’re seeking, I’m pretty sure you will learn something interesting. Further, I love writing and love sharing it with you, so I invite your heartfelt comments. Until we should encounter one another in our comments, thanks for getting to know me and Happy Hubbing!