Jason Mackenzie

Jason Mackenzie is the proprietor of Perth Home Cleaners, a reputed and reliable firm that specializes in cleaning carpets and rugs. His proficiency as a service provider is evident from the variety of cleaning methods employed by his firm and their proper application. Prior to starting the business, he realized how important cleaning was and has since loved to contribute in restoring a premise back to its former glory. He takes pride in managing a team of trained staff that not just takes care of customers’ requirements but is able to customize as per the need of the hour.

It was his love for cleanliness that prompted Jason to establish this company in 2000 and Perth seemed to be a natural choice owing to its susceptibility to hot dry summers and high humidity for most part of the year. Jason draws his inspiration to clean from the immaculate look that the premise acquires after having been worked at and this has been his driving force ever since the day he started.