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Jeffrey Neal

Jeffrey Neal lives in the Southeast U.S. with his lovely wife, two dogs, two cats, two fish, and no he's not building an Ark.

Some people are born with a singular focus while others are not unlike a rudderless ship; somewhat aimless and all over the map.  Jeffrey Neal is the latter unless forced to be the former.  You will find the topics of his hubs to be widely varied, sometimes opinionated, and possibly even sprinkled with his dry, sarcastic wit.  There is no reason to despair. Just follow Jeffrey to be the first to know which direction he's headed next.

Topics of interest include landscaping, technology, firearms, politics and freedom issues, creative writing, and internet affiliate marketing.  This list should by no means indicate that other avenues won't be explored as the next shiny thing attracting Jeffrey's attention is likely just around the corner. Please just grab a cup of coffee and find something you like.  Surely with a varied list of topics, you should have little trouble.