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I am a board certified holistic health practitioner, licensed massage therapist, entrepreneur, writer and illustrator. I have a challenge in trying to describe my self. So, here is a description from someone who knows me well. My best friend just sent this to me: "You are multi-talented, amazingly flexible, and one of the most intelligent people I know, even when you play at things you are awesome. You put a lot of yourself into whatever you do, with compassion and incredible endurance. Sticking out the worse times of your life (and we are not going there) with a certain amount of grace and dignity, which not too many people could have done, and used it to grow a bigger heart than most can only imagine. That's who I love, and I think the world would love to know that part in themselves, just by knowing you." I am, admittedly, humbled by such a description. Recently, I have published my first book. It's a cookbook tailored to people allergic to gluten and wheat, called, "Taste The Difference." And, I am currently working on my PhD in natural medicine. I love to learn new things and see how those things fit into my life. I'm loving life and happy with the way things are working out! I am married to a wonderful man by the name of Harlan Mark Vale. Mark writes and plays the most amazing music! If you haven't heard of him, you will soon!