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When I was a kid, my mother would bring me to the library to check out books, and I would read as many as I could. Reading fueled my passion for writing, which I took up when I was about 9. Sometimes I would spend hours at a time writing a story. It has always been my creative outlet. I have been writing in a journal since I was 10. When I didn't have a "real" one, I would staple together pages of paper to make my own. I find it a useful tool to record what goes on in my life, make plans and goals, and evaluate myself on a regular basis.

I plan to write articles on many different topics over time. I write about whatever catches my interest. My first two were related to employment, and from there I spread out to recipes, blizzards, roses, a few sentimental pieces, and on finding gifts for loved ones.

At this point, I have started several new articles, and I look forward to sprucing them up before I publish them. I have so many ideas, but spend quite a bit of my time interacting with the wonderful people in this community.

I am interested in photography, home design, architecture, art, gardens, cars, health and fitness, and cooking. I lived in Boston for one year, and even though I enjoyed it, I savor the experiences life brings me in whatever town I live in.

Since I started writing in this community, my life has gone through some changes. They have been tough at times, but have also given me material for useful articles that I hope will be helpful to others, and at the same time have been therapeutic for myself. I like to learn from experiences, and grow in a positive way.