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Keith Schroeder

Keith Schroeder uses his experience as owner of Tax Prep & Accounting Services, Inc. in the wide variety of tax hubs here. His other interests in economics, small business, media, financial planning, and frugal living show up in over 100 articles on HubPages.

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Keith and his team of tax professionals can help resolve your IRS and other tax problems. Use the contact page of the website link above.

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As a tax professional, I am required to give the following disclosure:

**Pursuant to Circular 230 promulgated by the Internal Revenue Service, if any hub, post, or any attachment hereto, contains advice concerning any federal tax issue or submission, please be advised that it was not intended or written to be used, and that it cannot be used, for the purpose of avoiding federal tax penalties unless otherwise expressly indicated.**


My tax hubs have a higher standard for comments than non-tax hubs. Never include personal identification such as your social security number, income, or EIN in any comment.

Any comment with personal information about yourself or others will be deleted. The same applies to personal attacks or foul language.

You have the right to disagree with me. I will publish comments with a different opinion than mine. I draw the line at tax protesting though. Neither of us want the IRS eyeing us up.

Always be polite. Thank you.