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Kenna McHugh

Kenna McHugh works in the film industry and writes about the adventures and mishaps of the continually changing business.

Her writing credits include the published book BREAKING INTO FILM and three screenplays. Seven produced plays and numerous articles on subjects that range from documentary films to film careers.

She is an award-winning content producer, copywriter, and editor with over 20 years as a freelance writer. She received the top content producer award at eHow and Livestrong and Elite Blogger at Hub Pages for authoring health and fitness articles. She wrote a college book and edited or contributed to other book publications.

In the past, Kenna joined the magazine Screenwriter’s Monthly for her column Women in Film - interviews with women screenwriters and directors.

Her play, SHE’LL GET HERS, has been produced throughout the United States, where it received much praise and admiration.

“I love the challenge of writing because the end does satisfy the means. The writer is a valuable being. If the words aren’t there, the character can’t speak. It is as simple as that. Give me a circumstance, a theme, and away I go at my keyboard.”

She had the remarkable chance to work with Michael Moore on Academy Award-winning documentary Bowling for Columbine.