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Kerri Killion

Artistic soul with a love for animals. I fill my days creating art. I love to paint, make custom jewelry, create interesting photography, and sculpting weird clay creatures. I like to experiment in mixed media art. Mixing and blending different elementals to create a unique piece. I am a true artist that sees the world through different glasses.

My second passion are my dogs. I have 4 rescue dogs. A pomeranian, two beagles and a plotthound. I cofounded a local dog reacue when i was 21. I adore dogs and all animals.

Weird and ecclectoc my hobbies and interests are so varied. I really wish I could fit everything into a box because having so many interests is exhausting. I am an avid gardener from vegetables to flowers I enjoy spending my time outside. I have learned to small space garden and make the most of what I have.

I adore music of all types. I love to attend music festivals and concerts. Last year I was lucky enough to attend The Governors Ball in NYC, Firefly in Dover, Delware, and Carollina Rebellion in Charlotte, North Carolina. My list for shows this year is growing and growing!