Ann Leung

I graduated from UC Berkeley with a major in architecture in 2000.  But my three wonderful children are important enough for me to give up my career and be a stay-at-home mom.

I have always fancied myself as a writer ever since I was little because of my father - a great doctor and author in China.  He's my greatest inspiration.  I am very grateful that Hubpages has given me the opporturnity that I longed for to fullful my childhood dream.

From the first day I joined Hubpages,  I've already found myself drowning in the sea of knowledge and information.  I am enjoying it and want to absorb whatever I can find here like a sponge.  I know I am greedy.  I am greedy for knowlege.  

Join me and the rest of the Hubbers for free at Hubpages and you'll undersand why I am smilling.

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