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Kim French

Kim has been in the garden her whole life. She was raised in a small town in the Bitterroot Valley, Montana, where backyard gardens were common and farmer market s were the place to get produce.

She spent her younger years hiking and camping in the forests, collecting and eating wild fruits. One of her earliest memories involving gardening came from a magazine her grandmother bought her a subscription for. Ranger Rick. It was an article about letting your backyard go and inviting the wildlife in. Her mom said "no".

Kim started her first garden 27 years ago in FT Collins, CO as a teenager. For the first few years she had roses. As her interests widened she added herbs, and then vegetables. Gardening in Ft Collins was a challenge for Kim as more often than not, space to garden was not available or landlords frowned upon it. Container gardening and companion planting were practiced regularly.

Her first gardening book was acquired when she was in her early 30's. It was Rhodale's Illustrated Encyclopdia of Herbs. She was realed in to the history of the plants and immediately fell to the passion of gardening. She started writing her own book on herbs and studying the plants histories in depth as she propagated them in her gardens.

In 2008 Kim moved her family from Ft Collins, CO back to Montana to start her dream of a homestead and a forever garden. She was employedd at a temp agency to weed a garden and It was here that Kim was introduced to backyard bird habitats, a nationally credited wildlife habitat, bird gardens, large scale Agriculture, and Garden Clubs.

Her passion for gardening and plants escalated as the possibilities increased. Was it possible to have it all? A flower, herb, food, bird, wildlife garden? And what about drought? Can it be done to live with minimal or without care? She thinks it can.

In 2015 Kim was informed of the Master Garden program through the UM Extension office. Having no formal training, yet years of experience, she took the course and passed with a 97%. She is registered to take the 2nd course in Spring 2018.

It is Kim's belief that using natures model as a guide, a Food Forest/ natural habitat can be created using little to no water other than what comes from the sky.

She believes anyone, anywhere, can enjoy gardening, even city dwellers. Her vegetable garden consists of expirements she has researched such as straw bales, keyholes, used tires, raised lasagna beds. In the future she wishes to try the walpini, Hugenculture, and hydroponics.

Kim has a passion for the environment, finances, water conservation, recycling, and composting, as well as safe seed, heirlooms, and history. In her spare time she researches plants, identifies species, wild harvests, maintains her garden as well as her clients, and puts the plants to the test, in the garden and in the kitchen.