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Suzanne Sheffield

Lilleyth is my pen name because there are several writers, real estate agents, and bed and breakfast owners who share my to protect the get my drift...or you will after you read a few of my, shall we say, "more interesting" hubs.

I'm a former regional magazine publisher and editor who now enjoys writing without a deadline every three weeks.

Previous to living on the Delmarva Peninsula I resided in Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, South Carolina, and North Carolina.

As a Master Gardener, former landscape designer (or as I like to refer to myself "Landscape Sorcerus", and florist, many of my hubs are garden and flower-related. My Master Gardener teacher has appeared on Martha Stewart - Tony Avent from Raleigh, NC. and owner of Plant Delights Nursery. I studied horticulture at NC State.

My past professions were paralegal for the Delaware House of Representatives, cookbook writer, landscape designer, florist, and gift rep.

Strange stuff just happens to me! I've experienced coincidences, synchronicity, ghosts, you name it. My curiosity and need to debunk stuff has made a believer out of me.

I moved back to North Carolina in March 2016, at the request of my daughter who was opening a brand new gift ship in Holly Springs, North Carolina called Gifted Boutique & Wrappery, to help her for a year.

Thank you for dropping by and please leave me comments as I'm interested in seeing if others have had similar experiences.