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Nancy Moore

Ever just look at something and just get the disire to recreate the image on something like a tile, piece of wood, canvas, glass or dishes, or even candles. These are all things I love to paint on. The ideas are endless. Have even had customers want me to paint something special on a cup, plate, or bowl for a loved one. Painted manatees on candles for a power plant gift shop. Painted a beautiful late afternoon beach scene on a 8' x 8' piece of muslem for friends for a formal evening at the Museum of Art in Tampa, Florida. People attending the formal party had their pictures taken in front of the muslem mural. The curator wanted my friend to donate the piece to the museum, but she said she had bought it so she wanted to keep it. I love to paint animals. Pet portraits are my favorite. The animal can be caught in a pose that can be immortalized by painting it on tile for some reason people love tile. The specail paint you use on the tile can take heat, so the tile may be placed on a fireplace. You can't do that with canvas.