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Arthur Russ

Having taken early retirement at age 55 my main passion is being a good househusband and maintaining a fruitful vegetable garden packed with fresh organic fruits and veg for the kitchen; where with my love of cooking I spend much of my time. The bonus of growing our own fresh fruit and veg, apart from having a healthier diet, is saving over £400 ($500) a year on our food bill.

When not tending the garden, doing housework or cooking I productively spend my time doing major DIY projects to keep the house in order and to improve our home comforts.

I’m a keen novice photographer and videographer of nature in our garden and enjoy filming historic sites and places of interest when on holiday and day trips.The rest of the time I help my wife with her family tree and in maintaining our joint genealogy website to further our family research and to expand upon our extensive family history.I also have a passion for science; particularly quantum physics.