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Nell Rose

Author of 'GYPSIES' Ebook and Paperback. @ and Worldwide.

And now her latest The Edge of Midnight short stories, Ebook and Paperback

Nell's articles have been featured on Derren Brown's website, Fortean Times, and Prima Magazine. She writes about her favorite subject which is a primarily psychic phenomenon, reincarnation, and ghosts. Nell is also interested in Archaeology, History and Health matters.

She has been invited to go on TV to promote her ebook, Transition, and was surprised to be asked to go to Paramount studios to talk about one of her articles!

'Hubpages has given me a wonderful chance to write and promote my articles. There isn't any other site out there that comes even close to being perfect. I have been writing here now for 7 years, and I have never ever thought of writing anywhere else.

Why not give it a go?

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