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Dale Tinklepaugh

Twenty-some years ago I published a few computer programming articles in a magazine and an op-ed article in the local metropolitan paper. Now, during the closing years of my career in computers, I have several ideas to write about, on a number of topics, that others may find informative, helpful, or inspiring.

My profile photo shows me with Bella, our Papillon. When she was a puppy, she was selected by my wife, and although I didn't particularly like the dog at first, she grew on me and has become my favorite dog ever. So in that sense I am a Papillon man. Papillon also means butterfly in French, and is a type of Continental Toy Spaniel whose erect ears and whiskered face resemble a butterfly. The butterfly also symbolizes the fact that I am a new spiritual creature in Christ. This new creature (even though more than half a century old) is growing in the spiritual realm even while the caterpillar, symbolizing my physical body (even older), continues to live and function for a while in the earthly, natural realm as a man.