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Dave McClure

Thank you for reading me on Hubpages. My most popular hubs are on wine-making, music and life in the Middle East, probably because I spent many years in Qatar, play guitar and make my own wine and cider. I also have quite a few technology hubs, because I'm a technologist and some philosophical hubs, because I'm a rationalist, or try to be. And I have a few poems out there too.

I travel a lot. Originally from Scotland, I've worked, mainly in Broadcast Engineering, in such foreign places as England (!), most of Western Europe, Poland, East Germany, Turkey, India, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, the Gulf States, South Africa, Sudan, Canada and that strangest of all, the USA.

I walk a great deal, even in the extreme climate of the Persian Gulf. Shops, I avoid like the plague, having little interest in non-essentials. (Guitars and books are essential).

My blog, 'PARAPLEXED, at The Paranormal Hotel' also serves as a portal to more or less everything I've published on the Internet. You are most welcome to explore.

"to look, with equal non-attachment, at a piece of gold, a stone, or a piece of dirt" - (Bhagavad Gita).