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Paul Wallis

I'm a professional freelancer. I work on sites in the US, Australia, Belgium, and Canada. I also write books, (12 self published on Amazon).

Aug 2014- A note to recent commenters- Sorry, didn't get any notifications of comments, which is why it took forever to approve your comments.

I'm also a qualified horticulturalist, (landscape) and business writer. I've written a lot of gardening material and a lot of business articles. One of the reasons I decided to sign up to HubPages was that I wanted to produce an integrated gardening site, which has now expanded into other fields. Some of this material has previously appeared under my name on other sites, but it was all over the place, bits and pieces, not well organized.  I'm hoping to put together a properly constructed hub that will provide a lot of useful information for gardeners.

There's no such thing as a reformed gardener...Rereading this profile a year later, I also realize I'm one of those people who never shuts up, I just do my talking with text.

After writing the apparently much-reviled  "Send in the Morons" (anyone who thinks you can discourage a pro writer by downvoting is truly an idealist a la Candide) and "How to turn writers into battery chickens" I've realized my megalomania has found its true calling. There's no such thing as an ethical writer, either...

A continuing acknowledgement: Thanks again for all the kind words. I'm still flooring it 7 days a week in my commercial writing, and I haven't been on the site as much as I'd like.

Special note to all those people who've been sending fan mail- Sorry about my almost total lack of feedback, I'm all over the place as usual, rarely get a chance to do anything but write.

**** Note: Website link is my blog, and dovetails into all my other sites.

August 2013

New book, The Creative Process, published on Amazon and Kindle.

May/June 2013

New book, Dear Buckley, Australia in the early 21st century, released on Amazon.

New book You're looking sane today released on Amazon. (I'm catching up on a lot of drafts right now.)

January 2013

New book "The art of being a Somebody", released on Kindle. This savage little book includes a lot of things I've wanted to say for a long time.

October 2012

Amazon aStore opened with a collection of things I think readers might like. See the Hub for details of how this marvellous mental miscellany got started.

September 2012

Revised version of Live Lazy and Love It released on Amazon. This is the upgraded version from the Smashwords original. The theory is that if you can afford to be lazy, you must be doing something right. Had a ball writing it. Also available on Kindle.

August 2012

Finally got another gardening Hub written, "Rose basics". Only took 2 years... Will add more soon, I hope.

July 2012

The new Sydney Media Jam blog has just started. This blog is about my more ambitious projects and subjects based on the original culture jamming idea of SMJ.

My Amazon books page is now up and running, with a few bugs posting a link here at the moment. Check the link out on the SMJ blog site. I'm pleased to say that the quality of the print books is perfect. Sorry about the prices, but that's what's doable.

About the Amazon ads- These are actually selected by me as backups to the Hubs, not random ads. They're seriously recommended books.