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Pinappu is in HubPages for more than 1 year. He loves to write about diverse things. He believes that there is nothing stands still in the world and so he tries to rediscover and redesigned himself time to time.

Pinappu thinks that as a writer he is yet to be perfect and his aim is to up his level higher and higher. He loves to read and lean. To him, learning is an endless process.

In real life he works for a Banking company. Not only that, he also works on various projects time to time.

In HubPages he wrote a lot of articles on various topics. His one of the most favorite topic is birthday wishes and quotes. Some of his hub about various birthday wishes to mom, dad, brother, sister, sister-in-law etc is immensely popular among the readers of the World Wide Web.

Another hub topic which is much liked by him is Android. He has some hubs about app lists like best funny, music player, video player, note taking or office apps for Android phones and tablets. There are also popular hubs like PicsArt review or best tablets under $200 etc.

He wrote a series of technical hubs like Android ICS update to handsets like Samsung Galaxy S, Galaxy S2, HTC Desire, Desire S, Desire HD, Galaxy Tab, Amazon Kindle Fire, Motorola Defy, Atrix 4G etc.

Health is one of the niches in which he wrote some quality hubs like that about growing facial hair faster or how to be taller. There are some hubs like health benefits of mango or almonds.

He also has good many hubs catered to the readers of India. There are articles on how to be an IPS or IAS salaries in India. There are hubs about Hindi movies, top 150 cc bikes etc.

Pinappu likes to help his fellow hubbers. That is why he has written a series related to HubPages like how to design a hub or how to earn $100 from HP each month. He has a great calculator tool created for the new hubbers which will help them to estimate how many hubs are needed to earn a targeted amount of money from HubPages.

If there is a reader who is reading this bio till the end, I am thanking her or him sincerely. Feel free to follow me and read my hubs, cheers!