THERE YOU ARE! I am so glad you finally found me – I’ve been looking for you for years! Now that you have, please don’t be a stranger again! I know, I know, Our Perception of Time had to change before we could meet up and there are Reasons for Everything. You probably know how busy I was for awhile OVERCOMING LUPUS and other diseases doctors call INCURABLE, it was as though the universe was asking Need Your Joy of Life Back? 

By the grace of God I discovered Zero Point Field/Scalar Energy. What a delightful way to increase our balance & strength! Alternative modalities, especially bio-energetic products, have come a long way! If you'd like to hear about what I'm involved with now, please read: SHOP FOR FREE - finally, insight meets financial intelligence!. I had to find them at more reasonable and affordable prices than previously shared in NEW SELF-CARE EVOLUTION: Quantum leaps in energy technology for wellness! and  ENERGY WELLNESS vs. Separation – a loving call to action (now modified). 

I discovered HubPages while indulging in my enjoyment and passion for the internet as a workaholic, doing my best for others’ success with A Website's Purpose - that is why the name “SEM Pro”. All those years of public speaking in TM and the universities paid off to put together ACE YOUR PRESENTATION by dispelling all fears. There's just about everything you could imagine for speaking success crammed into it!

HP is an awesome global community with the most amazing talented and diverse members. A couple folks are apparently making money here too. Let me introduce you to just a few of my favorites in HOW AND WHY OF HUBBER FAN MAIL or White Summer Reunion. I like getting to know my followers and I'm sure it would be mutually beneficial. So again don’t be a stranger! HP seems to always be a work in progress - you're going to love it!

It did take me awhile to realize the art of EFFECTIVE DELEGATION ultimate communication toolkit. Do you remember my business with BOOK MAKING for authors and scrappers unique masterpieces when I discovered a Simple Gift to Increase Success and Transform Lives? I loved it so much I shared the Gratitude Log 21 days to more abundance - it's a GREAT way to start or end your day - promise!

By the way, I saved you a Gift of Tranquility or poem to ponder - Struggles to Peace before analyzing the Time Banks in case you were feeling/needing the STRESS EFFECTS and Immediate Relief! Did you know there are now ways to make Quantum Leaps for FREEDOM FROM STRESS AND DISEASE in YOUR DNA! ? Such an amazing age we live in! There's even a chart to make change easier in HOW TO GET OUT OF LIFE’S MUCK and I'd love your advice too on HELP - Can The Truth Really Set Us Free? No, it is not religious. Religious expression, hoping to spark conversation, is in SEEDS OF RELIGION just add choice .

Finally bold enough to write about some of those "weird" experiences, a few wonderfully supportive (or curious?) fellow authors encouraged me to share. Sort of went off on a tangent starting with DREAMS ARE AN OPENING DOOR then a mini series if anyone wanted to know how to go there too. Started with: REINCARNATION – Fact or Fiction? 1 - 3 (linked from first on) through Instant Connections - Infatuation or Soulmates?. You know how we're always trying to define the spiritual with the material... 

As a mom Watching Universal Laws Unfold and Teaching Our Children was awesome but before I knew it, the full effects of Bittersweet Empty Nest NEED MORE SUGAR were upon me.Thankfully, I was finally able to accept the natural order of things and move on. Sometimes other people and life still catch us unaware and I WANT TO CRY for what they willingly or unwillingly put out there, or how they treat themselves and others. Maybe they'll read LAW OF ATTRACTION - Getting it right this time... - it could help, or learning from personal challenges as in > RELATIONSHIPS – FULFILLING OR DESTRUCTIVE? Is there a choice?

My Dad passed too and I miss him so much. You met him in HONORING DAD – Bridges for Success didn't you? And I know you remember my friend Mick. Honoring him became part of the requested tangent I mentioned earlier about soul traveling or transcending just this earthly school in A SOUL BUDDY THROUGH LIFETIMES.

I am so grateful for the organic farm while going through that. As you know, finding my balance always seems to have included the PRESIDENTIAL GARDENING Historical victory we can all enjoy and once putting together Free Plants from Easy Cuttings – Snip ‘n’ stick details and Starting Your Garden with Seeds – detailed differences, making COOKING SIMPLIFIED How to replace fear with fun was so much easier.

Did you follow the news? Do You Feel Bush’s Torture was Justified? Makes me want to shout BEGIN WITHIN and SPEAK OUT against inhumanities from the rooftops! With the economy the way it is, I had to learn about Food - SAVE MONEY, TIME and your HEALTH if it could not be grown in the garden. Of course now, it's all about healthcare, so I wrote: HELP - TYPICAL ER VISIT in U.S. > who says the system isn’t broken? You know me though, I prefer not to stay in dis-ease. I learned, let go and wrote TODAY I CHOOSE TO BE FREE :)

All this time I’ve had so much respect for you and known You Are Perfect. What Are You Doing?  Bet you too could add some wisdom on AS WE SHAPE THE WORLD’S FUTURE…or  How To Design Our History and Accept Destiny - hope you'll comment or let me know you visited!

When you challenged me with Why Not Your Dreams?, I took it to heart and drove across Canada about 30 times, moved to Hawaii via Venezuela and finally wrote that book you encouraged me to write because of all the volunteer work, illusions of family held so dear and hoping life would become fair. It is called, “Illusion vs. Your Truth – increasing your personal power with clarity of choice”. What do you think about the title? Intrigued?

Not being a stranger means connecting. Please feel free to do so on fb @ or email: Again, I am so glad you finally found me! I tremendously look forward to getting to know you better and catching up on all your life stories and pearls of wisdom too!

Compassionately yours, Sylvia/SEM Pro

(From my book & email signature \/ )

It is in our uniqueness that our purpose lies...

Have you celebrated yours today?  :D