Andrea Lawrence

I'm a freelance writer. I have worked with HubPages for 8+ years. If you're looking for a writer, look no further. I have a master's in creative writing and a bachelor's in mass media.

-- Follow me for hubs on dating, relationships, Myers Briggs, Western Astrology, wedding planning, Greek mythology, Tarot, and ghosts.

-- Feel free to write to me. I usually respond to comments on hubs first. I take longer to write to messages sent to me through e-mail, but send me another message if it seems to be taking too long.

-- I find the bulk of my readers are looking for answers in romance and compatibility.

-- I am here to help. At the very least I can be an ear for you. I am not a counselor, just a non-judgmental space for you, the readers. Thank you for your time and loyalty. I love my fans.

May love and brightness find its way to your corner of the earth.

Best of wishes,

Andrea Lawrence