Greetings, thank you for taking the time to check out my profile.

As you might surmise, life has provided me with many passions; fashion, travel, decorating, gardening, blogging, paranormal investigating, and just about any arts and craft you could imagine. I have a busy life, and that's the way I like it. I look at life as an adventure, and I intend to have as many adventures as I can stuff into one lifetime...

I hope to share some of my adventures and interests with those that stop in on my Hubpages. Please, when reading my Hubs keep in mind, I am not in any respect a professional writer. I write because I love to express myself, and also learn a bit along the way. So, you may see some errors in grammar or maybe some misspelled word ... I hope you will look past them, and just enjoy the content. I write because I enjoy it, not to prove that I am a writer. I appreciate that Hubpages has given me a forum to express myself. I always try to bring my visitors interesting, informative, fun articles. I love to get questions, comments, or just shout-outs ... So, please use the Comment option on my articles.