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Sid Kemp

I love to write things that bring people joy and help businesses succeed. I'm a business consultant and author of 10 books on project management and business success. I love swimming in the ocean, t'ai chi, and great, healthy cooking, too!

February 2014: I'm back! Hub of the Day for Groundhog's Day! More soon!

May 2013: Pangram word games, more on self-evaluation, retirement planning

April 2013: Terrorism (Boston Marathon Bombings) and Self-Evaluation

March 2013: World War II Movies; Overcoming Procrastination; and More on 7 Habits

Jan - Feb 2013: Women in Leadership, Marathons, New Years Resolutions, Renewing Love, over 100 Hubs!

December 2012: Make New Years resolutions that work, learn to renew your relationships with love, apology, and forgiveness, and celebrate the season of Advent.

November 2012: I just posted a series of 8 articles on the environment and what we can do when we Go Green.

September 2012: I've just spent two months sharing best practices in project management and quality management. I also wrote my first movie review, Pieces of April.

July 2012: I am a big admirer of Stephen Covey, and I was saddened to hear of his passing, so I wrote this memorial hub. I also wrote a summary of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People based on my 17 years using the system. It is a total of eight articles, the introduction, plus one for each of the seven habits. I rounded out the month with a series of five hubs on Project Risk Management and a new and improved approach to Time and Cost Estimation.

Speaking of success, I'm glad that my hub How to Create a Five-Year Career Plan won Hub of the Day in July 2012, so that I could inspire many people to create the career and life of their dreams.

I started the Apprenticeship Program in June 2012, and I recommend it highly for anyone who wants to learn to make money as a writer on HubPages.

Professionally, I write mostly about small business success and project management. Spiritually, I write about Zen meditation and holistic living.

I see writing as a tide that flows between my soul and the world. I am enriched, and the world is enriched by what flows out of me. I hope you enjoy these gifts.

I write to help people succeed and to enjoy life.

I love writing, so I write to make money so that I can write more.

You can see a full (almost up to date) list of all my hubs by reading My Hubs for You: A Guide to My Writing.

If there is any way I can be of help, or if you just want to share your story, I'd love to hear from you.