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I  spent 41 years in education.  This year will be my 41st.  That sounds like a lucky number.    I currently work with high school students in a non-traditional high school setting.  I have some stories to tell on the topic of teenagers. 

I have taught computer literacy to students, and provided training to teachers in various operating systems.  Currently, I manage students accounts on the network, and provide instruction and classes in productivity: newsletters, brochures, yearbook, invitations, announcements, in-house web site, etc.

I am a retired appliance repairman and rebuilder.  I spent many years repairing and rebuilding appliances and I am excited to share this information with you.  I ran my own appliance repair business for 12 years.

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"How to get free software legally?"   recently was named a Hubnugget.


Most of all, I love to laugh and have a good time!  Let's make sure we make the most of today in humor, food, art and living life.

Thank you all for viewing my Profile and  hubs.