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My name is Michael and It's pretty hard to say where I am actually from. I've spent most of my life bouncing back and forth between North Carolina and Pennsylvania. Though I was born here in Indiana, Pennsylvania, the amount of time that I've spent in each state, from the Appalachian and the Blue Ridge Mountains to the Crystal Coast, has given me a broad spectrum of talents and interests.

I've spent most of my adult life in the foodservice industry in one shape or form. I went to culinary school in Moorehead City, North Carolina for Culinary Management, and didn't finish. I dropped out after I got my nutrition and food safety certificates because quite a bit of it was just learning French terms for things I had been doing for years. Even though I dropped out its still my greatest area of expertise, after at least 47,000 hours of service. and studies in the field (24 years is a long time to focus on 1 thing.)

Though I've never been able to be completely self-sufficient, I've tried to set up homesteads in urban, suburban, and rural areas. Raising earthworms, maintaining a compost pile, gardening, and preparing for tough times are all fun homesteading projects that I've tried, and like to write and talk about.

I lost my home and everything in it to Hurricane Florence on September 11, 2018.

I still hadn't recovered from the hurricane by September 11, 2019, when I was woken up by a phone call from my sister. She called me to tell me our mother had passed away, and it's triggered me to make some changes and start leading a healthier lifestyle. I've started eating better and exercising, and though I haven't been doing either for long, I can already tell that I've made the right choice.

That's pretty much all that there is to say about me. I'm boring. I'm either at work, in my backyard, or my basement, but I've always got something going on.