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Sunny Robinson

Who the Heck is Sunny?

I'm an April Fool's baby at 24 years of age. Outwardly shy, inwardly mischievous, at the precipice of my life, I'm that kinda girl with a drive to succeed. I'm married to a great man. My husband is a history buff who wears a man purse and has an alterego called Ghillieman. He's my favorite person in the world. I'm a stepmother-in-training to 4 human spawns and a mother to 9 fuzzy spawns. That's 7 dogs and 1 cat, in case you were wondering.

My passion is writing; current love affair is with Hubpages. Yes, Ghillieman is a very jealous man, but he actually enjoys this particular love affair. Always as a last note, I'm a deaf individual who wears a cochlear implant.

I've noticed as I go along how much my writing has improved and how much part of a community I am. I am recognizing value in writing online and building up my techniques, writer's voice, and niche as I contribute more hubs. Therein lies my motivation to be here.

I have no credentials when it comes to writing professionally. I'm not an expert editor, nor am I a writer in the real sense of the word.

If you like what you see here and want to make a little side profit in some writing, join Hubpages!