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Pam Valentine

Mom of five waging war with household rodents, mostly mice and rats with a few squirrels, moles, voles, and gophers. Who are the winners in the battle of pest control?

Please join me while I find pest control solutions for my home, thereby helping you to solve your problem too, kind of a crowd-testing solution. I would love for you to comment and tell me what you think I am doing wrong or if what I shared helped you in some small way!

When I first started my battle with the mouse, Hantavirus was not even in my vocabulary as a young mom. Through age, maturity and some very helpful hints from my followers, I've discovered that along with using the best mouse trap and learning how to catch a mouse safely, also knowing the habits, hazards and transmitted diseases of rodents is crucial to our well-being.

About me personally? I've been on the web since the beginning. I enjoy content writing, SEO, web design, keyword research, analytics, everything really that has to do with website promotion, including helping others. My day isn't complete unless I have learned something new and passed that on to someone else.